How to use

Simple, Fast, Effective

Simply shake and spray! Easy to use at home or on-the-go, you can control your dosage precisely. Whether you need a full dose of 4 sprays or prefer to split it across the day, the choice is yours. These liquid vitamins work faster and more effectively than traditional pills or gummies, ensuring you get the most out of your supplements.

Natural Ingredients

All of our sprays are flavored using natural fruit or mint flavoring. Even more importantly, we utilize Cultured Sugar as a preservative. And no, this isn’t “real sugar”, it’s produced via a unique controlled fermentation of sugar to help keep our product fresh, naturally. Sweetness is provided via Monk Fruit, which will keep you wanting to spray more!

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Know the Difference

Gummies have soared in popularity, but don't offer the best solution to your dental hygiene or your diet. Read more on how we compare to some of your favorites brands